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Are you looking for thoughtful feedback on work you've developed during a recent course with me? Are you wondering what to do next, how to approach further revisions, or how this new work comes across to an outside reader? Are you developing a manuscript and looking for feedback on your work in progress?

I bring over 20 years of teaching, reviewing, and publishing experience to the task of considering your work in progress.

I'll read for what resonates, notice what sings, and identify the ways in which it is beautiful, while also pinpointing where there may be more to say, or if a word or line clangs, and when the syntax derails the poem for some reason. I'll articulate these impressions on the draft itself so that you see what I see and hear.

Ultimately, I'll show you what works, point you to the places where I see opportunity for further development and provide clear suggestions for how to proceed.

Following my close reading, I'll mail you my hand-written notes (via USPS) summarizing my best sense of what to try next. In many cases, I'll recommend readings and other resources to support your endeavor.

When preparing your work, please include your name and full contact information in the header. Save your work in a single document (.doc, docx, or PDF, please) and email it to: poetryforge (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please also provide a brief cover note, describing any specific challenges or questions you may have, what you're pleased with so far, and what your hopes for the finished work may be. Do you want to send it to magazines? Are you applying to an artist residency or graduate program? Are you working toward a chapbook or some kind of personal project?

If you are working on a tight deadline, please let me know. In most cases I can return my review fairly quickly, depending on how many other manuscripts are on my desk, but let's work together to get you what you need. If our schedules don't align, I will refund your order immediately.

I am always happy to review longer portfolios or manuscripts—at whatever stage—and provide developmental feedback and editing. My 2018 fees are $75/hour. Just send me a note to discuss your project.

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