• Image of Poetry Immersion: Fall 2019
  • Image of Poetry Immersion: Fall 2019
  • Image of Poetry Immersion: Fall 2019
  • Image of Poetry Immersion: Fall 2019
  • Image of Poetry Immersion: Fall 2019

More writing, increased craft
& pleasure in the practice

Fall 2018 Session
October 1-November 19, 2018


to your longing to read & write poems.


your creative practice so it occupies its rightful place in your actual life.


through a thoughtful regimen of reading & writing provocations,
create rhythms and habits that lead to stronger poems, & deeper engagement
more often.

collaborate & create

I’ll help you prioritize your artistic commitments in the context of a busy life …
take your ideas, urges, & early drafts,
& transform them into successful poems.


for poets & aspiring poets who

enjoy the structure, vitality & accountability of an online course & one-on-one mentorship.
enjoy reading poetry & writing more poems during the season of harvest.

Topics include:

1 A Poet in the World
2 Radical Presence
3 Pathfinders
4 In the Way of Art
5 More Human
6 Natural Idiom
7 Poetry as Transformation
8 The Thread

I M M E R S I O N is about getting beneath the surface. Prioritizing practice. It's about reading poetry because thats how we learn the craft. It's about making choices that favor art. It may mean saying No to some of the things that have taken you away from writing and study in the past. I M M E R S I O N is for those who want to go D E E P E R than they have before. It's for adults who enjoy the freedom of following desire paths. This is not a beginning course. PLEASE CONTACT ME before you enroll if you have any questions about whether it will be a good fit for you.

my part.
Enjoy weekly lessons, unlocked each Friday, that include a brief essay related to the week’s topic; selected readings from contemporary poets; occasional videos & resources from other writers & artists; and weekly writing provocations (w/ variations) to help you generate new work on your own.

Beginning in Fall 2017, this course contains all new content, and will be hosted via an intuitive online learning platform called Pathwright, allowing us to interact within a community of other committed writers. Discussion is now a significant portion of what this course offers, as well as direct engagement with the instructor as you move through the course.

I’ll host two interactive workshops via live web video (ZOOM), as well as an open office hours. Times TBD. Recordings of these sessions will be made available to students. I'm also available for private tutorials in which we can discuss work in progress, process, and anything else of interest to emerging writers.

At the end of the eight week session, I'll also provide thoughtful feedback on a final portfolio of up to eight new poems.

your part.
prepare to prioritize your creative practice.

enjoy the weekly lessons, videos & readings.

engage with the assignments and lively online discussions.

benefit from our tutorial and live workshops.

submit your work in progress for developmental feedback.

enough longing. do

poetry immersion, fall 2019
theme: deeper practice

space for 15


*If you would prefer to send a check, just email poetry forge (at) gmail (dot) com to be added to the class list. I will follow up with an address where you can mail your tuition.

*Recommended to poets who have taken at least one creative writing workshop, whether with me or elsewhere. This is not a 101 course and I will assume you already have some kind of writing practice, however sporadic.
*This is not a workshop. We are focusing on writing new work, independently. You have the opportunity to submit a portfolio for feedback, but the amount of online sharing tends to be limited.

You can find out more information and an FAQ on my website: www.hollywrenspaulding.com

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