• Image of Book: If August
  • Image of Book: If August

WE’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR EONS for the lines to complete Sappho’s fragments, and I think we’ve found them in Holly Wren Spaulding’s If August. She has curated a new experience for our rushed lives by offering a well- paced mediation on what life has to offer. Even taking in the lines at their measured pace, we feel invigorated, as if ‘a wind/ fell through/ everything’ and, admittedly, I for one couldn’t help myself: ‘I listened/ kept listening’ to every syllable with which she offered this enchanting surprise. It’s a rare gift to find healing in a book with all of the chatter in our daily lives, but this work will center you.
— A. Van Jordan, author, The Cineaste

“It’s like a 300 page novel in 100 words and I keep thinking about how inviting this book is — that the reader is invited in as a partner but without being expected to do all the work. A work of such generosity. I guess I continue to puzzle over the fact that there is so much in so little. I haven’t admired any new book as much in years, or to that effect. It’s true! It’s riveting! I cannot say more about the book than Holly does in the book!” — Elinor Nauen, author of My Marriage A-Z: A Big City Romance

Holly Wren Spaulding’s latest work, her second with Alice Greene & Co., is an extended luminous poem evoking the sensuality of late summer entwined with unexpected narrative and rhythm. Spare and suggestive, the work’s innovative form creates a new and singular experience for readers.

If August
poetry by Holly Wren Spaulding
Published Alice Greene & Co. in 2017

84 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-935770-15-2