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Let's talk about you, your ideas, what you want to create, and how to make it real it in the world.

Let's spend some time together in conversation and co-inquiry.

Before we meet for our first 55 minute session, I will send you a self-assessment worksheet with 22 questions that invite you to reflect on where you are on the path to manifesting your art or project, whether privately or publicly, and why it matters *to you* to pursue this work.

Through a collaborative process of reflection and articulation, we will synthesize and distill what feels most present in your words so that by the end of our session you have a felt sense, and a clearer plan for how to embody your personal, creative vision.

We will work with subtle messages, spontaneous signals, and deep intuition. This form of dialogue has the potential to reveal the most important questions, as well as the answers that will move you forward on your path. To catalyze action. To help you integrate histories, impulses, obsessions, and deep yearnings. To locate your vision, and spur work that means something to you.

I have developed this process through ongoing conversations, workshops, and retreats with hundreds of artists and would-be artists who ultimately believe that art is a form of healing for ourselves and the planet. That art saves. That these are necessary forms of expression and presence.

After each session I will send you my notes on the essence of our dialogue, as well as follow-up steps to help you move toward your goal with intention and commitment.

Take this opportunity to clearly articulate an idea for a project, performance or book. Use the time to externalize your burning questions, to seek perspective, to receive encouragement, and experience the solace of being heard, seen, and supported.

Join me from anywhere in the world. We will connect via Zoom audio, allowing me to record our session so that you can listen to it again after our call, when I'll provide the recording.

Once you have purchased the package, I will email you with a link to schedule a time to schedule your first consult, as well as my "questions before we begin".

This listing is for four 55 minute phone sessions, personalized notes after each call, homework, resources, and a recording of each call. If you wish for me to look at your writing outside of our call time, you can also purchase a Portfolio Review, and I will provide handwritten feedback on up to 15 poems.

I request that you complete your sessions within a four month period (or sooner). This package does does not include feedback on work in progress, although mentees receive a special rate for feedback and editorial support around writing projects. Ask me for details if this interests you.

*I am currently scheduling appointments for September and October 2018. It's best to plan ahead, as I accept a limited number of mentoring clients each season. Get in touch to discuss this with me, if you are unsure what you need, and when: poetryforge@gmail.com

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