• Image of 21 Day Poetry Challenge: June 2019
  • Image of 21 Day Poetry Challenge: June 2019
  • Image of 21 Day Poetry Challenge: June 2019
  • Image of 21 Day Poetry Challenge: June 2019
  • Image of 21 Day Poetry Challenge: June 2019

designed with the challenges of the 21st century in mind

June 1-21, 2019
Theme: Body, Blazing

cultivate your own writing practice & begin new work
with daily writing provocations that emphasize improvisation, pleasure, & experimentation
build a sustainable creative life.

my part.
I’ll email you a contemporary poem & original writing provocation each morning for 21 days, concluding on the solstice or equinox. along the way, I'll offer guidance on the writing process, brief craft lessons, and occasional bonus readings, audio lessons, and external resources.

each session of this email-based course presents entirely new content and new poems, to accommodate those who want to participate all year round, every year. many do!

I will host a minimum of two live webinars in which to learn and write together. this is a powerful way to experience my approach to the creative process, learn more about the craft, and benefit from the collective. I record these workshops for you to view after the fact, in the event your schedule doesn't allow for you to join us in real time.

Live Workshop Dates:

*Generative Workshop: Friday, June 7 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (60 minutes)
*Developmental Workshop: Thursday, June 13 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time (60 minutes)
*Recordings of both workshops will be provided after the fact.

your part.
read. feel. enjoy 15-30 (or more) minutes a day, generating material for new poems, passages, or poetic fragments. surround yourself with the materials & space to focus on poetry for a three week period leading up to a new season. train your body & mind to make poetry a true practice.

*If there is enough interest, I will offer a workshop at the midway point, too.

BONUS, but why not?
at the end of our 3 weeks together, you may submit up to 3 poems & receive thoughtful feedback to help you think about the revision process.

befriend your own process. write more poems.

Readings will include selections from Tina Chang, Laura Kasische, Lydia Davis, Anne Carson, and Franz Wright.

Instructor: Holly Wren Spaulding,

A full description of the course, information about how feedback works, and additional testimonials can be found on my website: https://www.hollywrenspaulding.com/21-2/

*If you prefer to send a check, or require a payment plan, please get in touch directly at poetryforge (at) gmail(dot) com.