all for you

learning experiences & ideas that offer you a sustained encounter with a way of being in the world ...

... that resist the tug toward busyness and distraction ...

…as much about helping you sustain a steady writing practice, as honing your poetic craft.

a radical vein

while the broader culture cultivates desires that lead to empty consumption & feelings of thwartedness ...

... our work together values the pangs that we can satisfy through engagement with the natural world, authentic connection, inquiry, art, & poetry.

consider this

we can liberate ourselves from whatever holds us back.

the requirements of an artistic practice mirror
the requirements of an attentive life

poetry is a way of understanding what it means to be alive–as we are, where we are, in our time.

it allows & unfolds the questions, & the mysteries, rather than suppressing them, or pushing them aside for later.

contemplative & creative engagement can shape the way we look at the world, how we think & feel, and what we do with our time here.

join me

engage with the process, the big questions.

make the space to reclaim your days in small & large ways, so that they're hospitable to your best creative work.

Since 2012, I have run Poetry Forge, where I make space for poetry & poetic thinking through practice & rituals, collaborations, mentorship & by making work that lives in the world.

Poetry Forge programming & curricula empowers writers & everyday rebels to explore the radical imaginary as a place for life-long learning, & personal & collective change.

Throughout the year I offer a range of online and e-courses, as well as in person workshops and retreats, designed to meet the needs of aspiring and committed writers who seek rigorous instruction among a community of like-minded adults.